About Debt.com

Since 2013, Debt.com has helped over half a million people find the right solution to get out of the challenges with debt that they’re facing. We work with a network of top-rated companies that provide industry-leading financial and debt relief services.

All companies within our network are accredited by Debt.com after being thoroughly vetted by our team. They agree to and adhere to Debt.com’s strict code of ethics, meaning you can trust you will receive the highest standard of service possible.

Debt.com helps people find solutions for:

  • Credit card debt
  • Debt collections
  • IRS and state back taxes
  • Federal and private student loans
  • Bad credit
  • Refinancing

Debt.com was founded by a team of certified public accountants and debt relief professionals with decades of experience. Their goal was simple—create a one-stop-shop where consumers could get the help they need for any type of debt without judgment. We focus on understanding your situation and recommending solutions that will work without bias. It’s about connecting the right people, with the right solutions, at the right time. It all starts with a free evaluation. Talk to a debt relief specialist today to find the best solutions for your needs.