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Getting out of debt on your own isn't easy, especially at a time when rising costs and interest rates are squeezing your budget. That's where Debt.com comes in. We have all the debt and credit solutions you need, all in one place. We'll help you customize the best plan to consolidate your bills into one affordable payment, so you can pay off your debt, eliminate some bills, and achieve a balanced budget.

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How Debt.com Helps You Get Debt-Free Faster

  • 1 Get a free, confidential evaluation.
  • 2 Speak one-on-one with a debt relief specialist that will take the time to understand your finances and situation.
  • 3 Customize a payoff plan and connect with top-rated companies that can assist you.
  • 4 Consolidate your bills into one affordable payment and get debt-free in a way that works for your goals.

Debt Settlement

If you’re completely overwhelmed with debt and are worried you may be headed for bankruptcy, debt settlement could be the solution you need. You can get out of debt in 24-48 months for a fraction of what you owe.

Credit Counseling

If you’re having trouble paying off debt on your own, a nonprofit credit counseling service can help. You can consolidate your bills into one affordable payment and reduce or eliminate interest, even if you have bad credit.

Credit Repair

Debt problems can be tough on your credit. Debt.com can connect you with top-rated services that can help fix mistakes in your credit report that can damage your credit score, so you can improve your credit without delay.

Tax Debt

If you owe IRS or state back taxes, the penalties can mount quickly. Even a little tax problem can get out of hand quickly. Work with an accredited tax debt resolution service to settle back taxes as quickly as possible.

The Debt.com Difference

Debt.com is dedicated to helping people find the best solutions to get out of debt. We believe everyone has the right to live a debt-free life that’s free of financial stress. That’s why we created a network of top-rated debt relief companies that can help anyone get debt-free in a way that works for their budget and goals. We take time to investigate each company in our network to make sure they meet the standard of service we expect. We only connect people with companies that adhere to our strict code of ethics. That way, you can have peace of mind that you’re getting the best solution and the best support possible.

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